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BeEdu helps you discover the perfect match for your educational journey, finding tailored offers, courses, and training programs that fit your profile, talents, and learning goals. With just a glance, you can compare and book your personal search results – there’s no faster or smarter way to gain knowledge.


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You, as an individual, your resume, interests, and goals determine the recommendations for further education, courses, and training that are presented to you.

Do you want to

You, as an individual, your resume, interests, and goals determine the recommendations for further education, courses, and training that are presented to you.

Do you want to

Can you do what you love at work? When you make the best use of your talents at work, you increase your productivity and satisfaction. This promotes both - your personal growth and the success of the company. With targeted training, you can not only live your talents, but also expand them.

It is not wrong to earn more money. More resources allow more freedom in your decisions, a more comfortable lifestyle and creates the foundation for the future and your dreams. People who regularly continue their education earn on average more.

Does your job no longer suit you? Continuing education expands professional and personal competencies. With a good knowledge toolkit, you can not only make a career, but also explore new activities.

Continuing education opens doors to new career paths and expands your professional spectrum. A reorientation can not only increase your job satisfaction, but also improve your chances on the job market.

Do you know your chances on the job market? Continuing education expands your expertise and skills, which will be in demand in the future. Continuing education increases your attractiveness to potential employers and ensures your employability to any time.

Continuing education enables individuals to constantly adapt to changing demands of the labor market and increase their professional opportunities. Acquiring new skills not only keeps you competitive, but also promotes personal growth and self-confidence. It is an investment in your future and ensures that you always stays up-to-date with the latest knowledge and skills.

BeEdu relies on the entirety of offerings from top-tier universities and training providers found online to ensure you efficiently achieve the best results.

What sets BeEdu apart: The more people join the educational revolution, the sharper the search results become, and the more everyone benefits!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your personalized recommendations for outstanding educational opportunities now!

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With high-quality courses at university level, you can acquire the knowledge, certifications, and credentials you need for your next step in no time.

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On BeEdu, you will find offerings from renowned professors, true experts in their fields, and professionals of your industry. Secure access to their exclusive techniques, advice, and personal experiences.

“BeEdu is an excellent and impressive shortcut for those who have little time and want to reach their goals as efficiently as possible”

Alain Bourgnon

COO, Enterpreneur, Boardmember

“Developing yourself and acquiring the right tools for the labor market 4.0 is a must today. As a coach and integration expert, I highly recommend BeEdu to my clients.“

Stefan Pöllendorfer

Subsidiary Manager, Labor Market Expert, Coach

“As a digital learning expert, I can unreservedly recommend BeEdu. Today's training market is often lengthy and opaque. But BeEdu managed to overcome these challenges with an AI-based algorithm.“

Marco Fingolo

Digital Learning Specialist

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Leading companies train their employees with the courses you can find on BeEdu.

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How BeEdu Helps You Achieve Your Goals

All Offerings on one Platform

If you can find a training online, you can find it on BeEdu. We ensure that all major educational providers are listed in response to your search query and structure all offerings carefully and comprehensively.

Smart Integration

You can easily sync your LinkedIn profile with just one click, which automatically transfers your data to your BeEdu search profile. If you’re not on LinkedIn, no problem – you can also manually enter your data.

Personalized Learning Recommendations

When searching for further trainings, we take into account your employment history, education, skills, and personal interests. Whether you want to advance your career, switch careers, or start fresh, BeEdu finds the perfect match for you and your needs.

Equal Opportunities and Visibility for All

For us, it’s primarily about providing everyone with the best learning opportunities, not about selling the most profitable offerings. On BeEdu, visibility is not determined by budget. This gives small business development providers with high-quality trainings a chance to be found by you.

Lifestyle Platform for Your Needs

Whether you’re looking for more earning opportunities, a better work-life balance or a new hobby, you’ll find the right university, course by a famous lecturer or a personal coach – all on BeEdu.

Professional Development On-Demand

If there is no provider for your education request yet, you can open new doors. All you have to do is submit your request, and we’ll make sure the appropriate educational providers are notified to assist you.

The search for suitable further education opportunities is time-consuming today. With BeEdu, you can find the most relevant ones in just a few minutes.

Lioudmila Thalmann
Founder of BeEdu

BeEdu in Numbers

On BeEdu, you can currently find over 500 further education providers and more than 8,400 trainings to prepare you for your professional future – and new ones are constantly being added.

We know what matters in the working world because in 20 years of career consulting, we have successfully supported over 30,000 individuals.




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On BeEdu, you can not only acquire knowledge but also share your own. Our goal is to enable global access to smart and high-quality education. We provide you with all the necessary tools, skills, and effective marketing support.


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When it comes to leveraging your talents at work, earning more money, accepting new challenges, or improving your job market prospects, you might have to pay a lot of money to consult an advisor who can guide you toward your goals. On BeEdu, you can find not just any further education courses, but the ones you need to achieve your specific goals – quickly, independently, tailored to you, and completely free. Why do we do this? Because as an independent platform, we believe in equal opportunities and education for everybody!

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