Master of Advanced Studies in Transcultural Communication & Translation (IKF/HDS/SAL)

Master of Advanced Studies in Transcultural Communication & Translation (IKF/HDS/SAL)

CHF 40’000
1 year — 2 years
Expert level
Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)

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The Institute for Communication & Leadership (IKF) is the competence center for tertiary continuing education in the areas of Transcultural Communication & Management, Digital Transformation, Leadersh...
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Whether it's a company manual or an advertising text, a wedding certificate or a divorce decree, a film or news: Texts that go beyond the local scope are translated. The world speaks three to four thousand languages! A world full of languages needs reliable intermediaries.

Extending your translation studies at SAL or HDS into the MAS Transcultural Communication and Translation at IKF Lucerne will enable you to enter further professional fields in an intercultural context. We are convinced that cultural differences between people, teams, companies, organizations and societies can and should be used as a positive resource.

Scope of study and duration

The Master's program has a value of at least 100 ECTS credits.
The study at SAL takes at least 3 years.
The study at HDS takes between 1.5 and 3 years.
The study at IKF takes between 1 and 1.5 years including the Master's degree.
For details, please refer to the respective study regulations.

Study structure

The study program at the SAL comprises 6 semesters.
The HDS study program comprises 2 CAS.
The study program at the IKF consists of 2 CAS (the compulsory module CAS "Intercultural Communication & Transcultural Competencies" as well as an elective module) and the master's semester.

The focus of the study program is on the development of interdisciplinary methodological, social and personal interaction and action competencies. The order in which the individual CAS are completed up to the master's semester (first CAS at HDS or translator training at SAL or first CAS at IKF) can be chosen by the students.

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SAL - Prerequisite is a completed upper secondary education (Matura or vocational apprenticeship), a high level of competence in the native language (D,F, I, E or Sp) and language skills at level C1 in all studied foreign languages.

HDS - Prerequisites are a completed tertiary education and/or proven professional experience in the field of translation/communication and passing the entrance test. Admissions sur dossier are possible from the age of 30.

IKF - Prerequisite is a university degree or SAL/HDS degree with a grade of "good" or 5. If these conditions are not met, an application for admission sur dossier can also be submitted. For more information, please contact us at the IKF.


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